Custom Brown Alps64

Custom Brown Alps64

  • 60%
  • SKCM Brown Alps (tactile)
  • Tai Hao Dolch keycaps


This keyboard was built by /u/PerniciousPony.  He soldered in SKCM Brown Alps on every switch except: Esc (SKCM Blue), and Caps Lock (SKCL Cream).  The PCB is the “D” revision of the TMK64 (“Alps64”) from Hasu, and the currently-flashed firmware is QMK.  The plate is blue stainless steel, from /u/alex_at_panc.  It resides in an AliExpress Titanium Gray 60% aluminum with added weight and has Tai Hao Alps keycaps.

The typing is experience is very unique.  Actuating each switch is like breaking through a plane of tension that then falls into nothing.  I would almost describe it as “chunky” feeling.  Very enjoyable to use.

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