Campine x Gazzew

Campine x Gazzew

  • 60%
  • MOD-H Tactile (62g actuation / 80g bottom-out, Tactile)
  • EnjoyPBT Blue on White (with beige modifiers)

This is the third Campine I’ve gotten from /u/alex_at_panc.  This one features a custom made PCB by /u/hbheroinbob, MOD-H tactile switches, custom blue paint on the enclosed bent steel case, and matching EnjoyPBT Blue on White/Beige keycaps.

The PCB is fully programmable via Bootmapper Client, has arrow keys on the default layer, and has LED underglow lighting.  This is my first board with MOD switches and I’m definitely a fan.  The EnjoyPBT caps tie the whole keyboard experience together both feel-wise and visually.


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