KBTalking Vortex ONE

KBTalking Vortex ONE

  • Full size
  • Cherry MX Milky White (80g, Soft Click)
  • Stock, shine-through keycaps (ABS)


This KBT Vortex ONE features orange LED backlighting and has MX Milky White switches. The MX Milky White switches are similar to MX Greens but have a “soft” click as opposed the normal, more audibly-distinct click of Greens.  Theories as to what makes the click softer range from the use of softer plastic to the use of additional grease.

Folks often complain about the inconsistency of the click sound from switch to switch, but I’ve not noticed it myself.  What I do notice, however, is that the softer click allows the pinging sound to become more noticeable when bottoming out.

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