IBM Japanese Model 6112884

IBM Japanese Model 6112884

  • Full size++
  • SKCC Green Alps
  • Stock, sculpted Hi-Pro keycaps with JP


This IBM JP keyboard features sculpted, high-profile keycaps.  It was ordered NOS from an online eBay store on a tip from /u/livingspeedbump.  The keyboard is made functional with a modern PC with the use an external Hasu controller.  I purchased the controller from Hasa on Geekhack, and upon receiving it, learned the controller was default-flashed for use with another keyboard.  I then downloaded the TMK code for the controller, made some tweaks to the C source file, recompiled a new hex file, and flashed it to the controller.  I now have all the necessary keys available at my disposal.

The Green Alps feel smooth and the high profile keycaps are a pleasure for your fingers.

A really fun feature of this keyboard is an internal speaker that will emit a beep for each keystroke.  The volume level is controlled by a dial on the back.  I usually keep it turned off… unless my staff is misbehaving.

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