Custom 60%

Custom 60%

  • 60%
  • Gateron Black (68g, Linear)
  • GMK Hyperfuse (Cherry profile)

This sweet 60% custom was handcrafted by /u/Quakemz.

It features:

  • Black aluminum 60% case with weight
  • Sentraq 60% stainless steel plate
  • B.Fake PCB (ps2avr)
  • Genuine Cherry Stabilizers, clipped and lubed with Super Lube
  • Tuned Gateron Black switches
  • 68g SPRiT spings, with a 78g spring for the spacebar
  • Lubed with TechKeys thin mix lube, which is Krytox 1506 and 206
  • GMK Hyperfuse R2 (sourced from /u/mrmontrose)
  • Handmade Hyperfuse cable by /u/Winnja

The first thing you notice about this keyboard is the sheer weight.  The case, with the weight installed, gives it some real heft.  Typing on this keyboard is a real joy.  The lubed Gateron switches are silky smooth and the 68g springs hit right in the comfort sweet spot — not too light, and not fatiguing either.  The GMK keycaps ooze quality and the smooth ABS feels delightful.

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