Modded Novatouch

Modded Novatouch

  • Tenkeyless (TKL)
  • Topre (45g, Silence-modded)
  • Vortex double-shot blue-on-white and G/R mods (PBT)


The Cooler Master Novatouch keyboard was the first keyboard that offered Topre switches with Cherry MX stems, allowing folks to more easily customize a Topre keyboard with their favorite keycaps.

This particular example has been silence-modded by /u/anthonyooiszewen.  He placed ironed-thin Elite Keyboard landing pads underneath each slider to silence the upstroke.  Additionally, I placed rubber o-rings underneath each keycap to silence the downstroke and ease bottoming out.  The resulting sounds and feels are fantastic.  The keystrokes are feel like popping bubbles, and the sound is like a rain falling on a solid surface.

This is one of my favorite Topre typing experiences for sure.


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