Realforce 104UWS (XF01TS)

Realforce 104UWS (XF01TS)

  • Full size
  • Topre (variable weight (30g, 45g, 55g), Silenced)
  • Stock, White/Beige keycaps (PBT)


The Realforce 104UWS has variable weighted key actuation forces (30g-for the outlier keys, 45g-for the majority of key, and 55g-Esc) and has factory-silenced sliders which keys the upstroke very quiet.  The Realforce sliders are ever so slightly longer so that the silencing ring does not reduce key travel while still accomplishing the silencing.

The variable weighted layout tends to polarize enthusiasts.  I rather like it and feel tactility is well presented across the keyboard.

The white base and white/beige keycaps give the keyboard a retro look that is attractive.

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